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Key Social Marketing Trends for 2015 – and Italy

Key Social Marketing Trends for 2015 – and Italy

In February of this year, I was asked about the key marketing trends for social media in 2015 for a leading news site. Q: What’s the state of social media marketing in 2015? Some are saying it’s lost its glamour. In 2014, we saw an alarming crisis of faith in Social Media Marketing (SMM). Facebook changed its display algorithms and organic reach dropped to nearly zero for many brands. Despite their deeply-held beliefs in the abilities of social as a mechanism for customer relationships, many social teams were caught off-guard by the crash in organic reach and weren’t fully supported by paid social budgets. Consequently, content struggled to reach fans, and some hard-won social communities actually shrank in size. But this should be a momentary blip. Worldwide, SMM continues to be seen as not only a priority, but a necessity to a strong overall marketing mix. Marketers in a June 2014 study by Gigaom & Extole showed that social budgets would get bigger boosts than any other channel budget. And...

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Time for Social Media Marketing to Grow Up Already

Time for Social Media Marketing to Grow Up Already

(Republished from For years, those of us who specialise in corporate social media pushed and prodded our organisations to embrace social as a powerful tool for engagement, influence and activation. We marvelled at the opportunity for authentic customer storytelling. For real connections with consumers. And for feedback and input into all parts of the value chain. Social presented us with all sorts of opportunities to turn consumers into brilliant extensions of our marketing teams. As our social empires grew, so did the need for investment. We’d ask for one more community manager. Maybe a Shoutlet license. Or a paid budget to get to the 500,000-fan mark. The CFO would ask for a business case – we’d either come up with some (maaaaybe slightly sketchy) ROI formulae, or we would state it was just a cost of doing business – of being a “social brand.” Then December 2013 rolled up and popped a cap into our collective social fantasy. Facebook adjusted its EdgeRank algorithm, and organic reach – what we...

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As a kid growing up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, I thought I’d always stay close to the Midwest. Maybe I’d get bored with GR and move to “the big city” — either Detroit or Chicago. In my 20s, my lofty ambitions were to get a job with General Motors, marry a cute Michigan girl, live in a three-bedroom ranch on a cul-de-sac (maybe in Farmington Hills?), and declare victory. After which would come children, retirement, old age and death. HIGH FIVE! Way to reach for the stars, hunh? Thankfully, my storyline was much different. Like a deep space probe, my life rocketed out of the Midwest after I turned 28. I orbited Detroit and a career at GM & Ford before slingshotting out to Columbus, Cincinnati, New York and Washington DC. In 1999, I began a 15-year flyby of distant California, Washington State, and Vancouver Canada. And now, hurtling even further away from the Midwest, my flight path is now taking Jena and I to the United Kingdom. I’m extremely...

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Customer Loyalty and Your Social Media Toolbox

Customer Loyalty and Your Social Media Toolbox

Article by Dave Ury Reposted from original July 1, 2013 article on As marketing professionals responsible for increasing customer loyalty and LTV, there are many levers to consider when planning how to meet our objectives. One of our biggest challenges is that customer loyalty can be affected by the entire customer experience, and so we have to consider the way many different tactics will impact customer attitudes and behavior. Social media has emerged as a powerful way to engage customers, but it is also a relatively new marketing discipline where the potential isn’t always clear. With that in mind, I decided to explore how social media can be used most effectively as part of a comprehensive loyalty strategy, and also identify any shortcomings. In my experience, social media’s most effective loyalty applications are around nurturing a community and facilitating advocacy among a brand’s most engaged customers. Letting the Experts Weigh In Given my perspective on what works, I decided to focus my social media exploration around marketing challenges where...

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